Every painting or object I work on is unique,  a snapshot in time during my life and represents different emotional states as I create. During my career as an artist I have experienced many amazing things and met many a muse to occupy by mind, by purchasing the artwork you are helping me on the next stage of that journey to discover my next muse and inspiration and I am thankful for all the feedback and sales I get. Work without love is slavery and I am grateful that I am able to free myself from the shackles and express my artistic desires in the ways I do.

Here are a few of my collection for sale, each item will be couriered within 7 days of order, if ordering from US or outwith the UK please contact me first to discuss best courier options. Each item will remain until sold and new ones added periodically so keep checking back. If you have something specific in mind you would like me to work on please have a look at my commissions page for more details

Musart £30

Each item is bespoke and created in the moment, the below images are examples of the musart collection but may not be the exact musart record you will recieve. Most of these Musart are playable on the B side.

The magician and his consort! £200












The Model. £150

















Levitating Russian Dolls. £100














Organic Mosaic £125














Other art available please contact me to discuss