James Craig Page is an artist with a tendency to stop and look at clouds and rocks. his artistic work comprises of gloss original paintings and commissions and stone stacking

James Page is also a Psychic Medium and palm reader who has trained his talent and holds private readings for regular select clients.

James is also director of Dunbar STreet Art Trail which is an arts and events social enterprise which seeks to promote art and music in all its forms across the globe. working with some of Scotland’s hottest art and music talent.

James page also provides workshops in art for schools and has worked with many young people to inspire their mind to find the creative within. reconnecting them with the simple pleasure of art in many forms he has successfully mentored and supported artists across multiple disciplines

James as founder of the church of gloss artistic collective is not only a leading visionary in the scottish art scene but is also one of the most generous mentors and friend to a huge array of artists. his recent work in stone stacking has led him to be one of the most globally recognised stone balancing artists in the uk.